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29th Dec 2020

Why spend hours trying to work out the kinks with a CSS layout when a table can do the same job in a fraction of the time? Kevin and I got into a little fight over the weekend about the best way to design a form. In most cases this isn’t a big deal. Joined: 2006-11-26 . Table With Vertical & Horizontal Highlight. The question should be – which version is more accessible? If so what advantages do they have and if not why should we use them at all? I’m wondering if you neglected to read the full response I wrote, or perhaps I wasn’t completely clear. Points: 0 . Personally I would use css tables to layout an entire site though. Until a better alternative becomes available and realistically viable, CSS tables are the nearest viable solution to the fundamental layout problems that have plagued designers since the beginning of it all. Failing you knowing a better way, would you agree that CSS tables would be more suitable for this since it does not imply any tabular structure to the markup. In addition to the above the css table model includes an inline-table value, which defines a new table the same as display: table, but does so according to the inline formatting context. He has lots of really good information there. I’m not sure people are afraid to talk about it as much as there’s not a lot left to say. Sidebar: A close look at the CSS extremist and fanatic's arguments. With styling tables now behind us, we need something else to occupy our time. I’m not 100% sure that I’m following the issue you’re having. Otherwise, tabular data should be placed in html tables, but the different ‘display’ options can offer interesting solutions to layout probs. It’s not some kind of commandment saying you can’t use css tables. And the table structured content is definitely better structured and accessible, then a css based table. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. You just change the color you have controlled in your style sheet and every page is affected. Required fields are marked *. If you need a table you would absolutely NOT use what you’re calling “CSS tables” (which I take to mean “using CSS display types to create the visual appearance of a table without using table, thead, tbody, tfoot, caption, tr, th, or td”). DIV/CSS allows designers to change the entire look and feel of the website by only making changes to the external CSS file. I couldn’t really find compelling reasons to use css tables, but I also didn’t find anything suggesting you can’t or shouldn’t use them for anything either. resize or hide columns depending on the device size. I’m VERY glad I SKIPPED the VERY LONG 1st part, and jumped right to the SHOULD YOU USE … part. To style tables with CSS, you should first be familiar with HTML table syntax. I’ve seen css tables used for equal sized columns too. I’ve recently been forced to convert my HTML table to a CSS table because we wanted to wrap an anchor link to each table row, which is semantically incorrect, but we wanted the entire row to be clickable (it’s a web app). If so how? Myth 1. As far as seo is concerned there shouldn’t be a difference, at least nothing significant enough to matter. Did you catch the first couple of paragraphs of this post? When compared to a CSS tableless layout, a table based web page frequently takes twice as long to load. It’s something of a hack to set the parent of inline-blocks as a css table, but it does help with the space. The “css table layout model” is a necessary evil in my eyes. Having a single CSS file to control all aspects of your website, gives you the ability to change one thing in one spot. Except you don’t need to mess with floats for hours, days, or weeks. I agree that html tables shouldn’t be used for layout and said as much. This list is ranging from data comparisons to pricing tables and statement table to box office collection table. Making boxes is so much easier with CSS than it is with tables. In this list, you will find 22+ best CSS tables helpful to show information and statistics for an understandable presentation. 5 new item. Table-based layout with CSS will be more robust than the float model, in which the layout often breaks when the font size is … In fact, any smart SE *must* care a lot about CSS/HTML based display attributes! Let’s get to the how of css tables first and then tackle the question of whether or not you’d want to use them in practice. In some case web developers will have tables nested in tables nested in tables. table becomes display: table. It doesn't establish any connection between the terms and their definitions. Is there a reason you like css tables? Both are definitely useful and have their place. You WOULD use an “HTML table” and you would use CSS to style it. border:0px solid green; May be you can do alignment equally well, but more importantly as fast using CSS or tables. Surma is a contributor to WebFundamentals. They were created to provide easy to implement site layout control only. Each html table element has an equivalent css display value. Good questions that I don’t have great answers for. Copyright © 2020 https://www.webhostdesignpost.comv3.1.90. I think in the future when IE6/7 finally die, we should give this technique a chance. View . Based on this alone, I'd say that the DL isn't a great idea. The less you have to worry about opening and closing element tags the better. Overall it’s hard for me to see much improvement in css tables over html tables, some perhaps, but not enough to justify to myself using them. This can make your page visible render slower. Definition and Usage. I think the comparison is fair because the structure of the html ends up being the same. border:0px solid red; This feature of the HTML Cleaner offers you a simple way to replace all table tags with div tags having the correct classes.. This list is ranging from data comparisons to pricing tables and statement table to box office collection table. How to Style a Table with CSS. I want the field lefts to line up. CSS Tables are valid technique as floats or positioning. Thanks for the additional info. If anything tables could be harder to work with, because their structure is is less adaptive in general. CSS Display CSS Max-width CSS Position CSS Overflow CSS Float. I don’t end up using a lot of tables. Update of April 2019 collection. Unless the markup is helping them understand the content, they may as well just strip it away. However they don’t provide enough advantage for me over html tables when it comes to layout. He has plenty of great demos and downloads. Tables work only when you want to create a web page. – to have editable cells, we must insert Input field or…editable DIV! CSS Tables are valid technique as floats or positioning. CSS table’s should not be used. I think using css floats is faster and more maintainable than using html tables. CSS vs Tables Yes, I know - we have had this conversation before, but I have a question--I have recently started creating a new website. I created a simple definition list. For instance, the navigation div will be read, then the content div and lastly the extra links div. Floats were not designed for site layout to the extent they are been relied upon today. In both table models the table structure parallels the visual display of the table itself. Two paragraphs further down the article answers the question as to why you’d use CSS tables. Be there and be square. Offline. There are better solutions that floats coming, but css tables aren’t one of them. Formerly, tables were extensively used for web designing. A question you’ll often be confronted with when you start to come up with a website design is how it should be constructed. Also, the amount of bandwidth you will save using a CSS tableless based approach, especially as your website grows in size, can be vast resulting in a faster overall loading website while saving you money. Or you can split rows: for example, for very narrow devices you might want to switch the table to a single column layout simply by removing or replacing the “display: table*” style without generating different HTML for that case. While AT and accessibility-layer support for CSS tables is currently so limited and unreliable, I believe that no-one should be presenting tabular data without using table mark-up. newbie . nigassma. I wouldn’t say there’s no difference. I am currently coding a css table thatwill be part of a joomla template and I believe that the module placement will be easier and function better than with an html table. If you have a table, it is going to read the first row of the navigation, content and external links. What is the alternative? Lines and paragraphs break automatically. I’m sure there are at least a few good reasons why you’d use CSS tables over HTML tables. Like anything, it should not be abused. I’m not sure what the rendering performance is of either kind of table. That is enough of a reason right there to use CSS tables instead of HTML tables. overflow: auto; thanks for this post! A big page designed with tables can get very very bloated compared to a CSS page. Again sorry you felt annoyed, but I don’t think there’s a need to change the order of the sections. If you give each of the containers the same width, their left edge should line up. This can be frustrating when learning CSS. Vladimir, awesome. Anyway, I’ll quit ranting for now. border-right: 1px solid #999; Nairaland Forum / Science/Technology / Webmasters / CSS Vs Tables (6468 Views) Write HTML And CSS Codes On Android Devices / How To: Create A Simple Hover Button With Html And Css / CSS Vs Tables (1) html tables I only use for tabular data. When a visitor accesses your site they might be using Internet Explorer (most likely), Firefox, Google Chrome, or maybe Safari. To be honest, in most part of situations we should use css tables instead. CSS tableless based layouts, on the other hand, allow the designer to be as creative as their imagination allows them to be. I also touched on the variable height sticky footer, which utilizes the table layout model, and is the best solution I have found to this date (ie8, ie7 graceful fallback). I came to this blog looking for the answer and it seems I found it by reading the comments . Let’s dive into the collection and find which one is suitable for your next web development projects. The file size in a css layout would be a lot smaller and faster to load. That is the only reason you need. CSS vs Tables The other day, my husband and I had an argument over CSS and Table based layouts for web pages. Why do you think css tables are the better choice other than when you need the fixed header? CSS tables could certainly be made to work as well. So it would be nice to see the CSS creators come up with a close to Table alternative, if tables are to be avoided for maintaining document structure in a certain way. Posts: 1 . I’m not one of those people, but they do exist. CSS Grid – Table layout is back. When a screen reader goes through the CSS div, it will read everything in the div before continue to the next part. Began operation But sometimes it's quite hard to navigate and pick correct approach. If you originally decide all your h1 tags should be blue and later want them to be red it’s certainly easier to have your h1 style sitting in a single css file. That will driver you insane very quick. CSS provides many advantages to developers than HTML. Thank you, your demo is really helpful for something I am actually designing right now that needs this sort of thing. There are two arguments for CSS tables that haven’t been made (or I missed them): 1. display: table-row; Also keep in mind that this is an intro post to the topic of css tables and until someone has an understanding at the intro level they aren’t going to be able to determine if css and html tables are the same or different or how they might differ. I understand that people who’ve worked with both will see they aren’t the same and aren’t meant to be used for the same thing, but keep in mind that not everyone has worked with both. Tables do not allow for this. To clear the haze around divs and tables, let’s discuss the myths and facts revolving around the topic. This post is the most time I’ve spend with them since they’ve been introduced and I’m open to someone else’s reasons for why we should use them. Again I’m confused with this comment. I agree. Not cliche thinking. If you need to display tabular data then use a table, an HTML table. This could make things hard for someone that need help with web accessiblity If someone is using a screen reader and our navigation is on the left column, content in the middle and extra links on the right. To begin with, we lay the table out as best we can using regular old-school table-layout CSS. Glad I could help. If you are familiar with Flexbox, Grid should feel familiar. The labels and fields shouldn’t need to be adjacent to each other in the html for everything to work. Another option (again off the top of my head) if you do want the labels and fields adjacent in the html would be to wrap each field in it’s own container. The scrolling table looks great. One argument the css side always uses is that having your presentation in a separate file makes the site easy to maintain. I hope I cover what you’re interested in knowing. I said I would start to learn CSS. Floats for site layout become very counter intuitive very quickly. I think the way forward is to be more modular in our structure. Of course, there is the use of tables to display data. Time to style the

headers. I will definitely vote for CSS based web designing as in case of table though it is not completely left by web crawler but still CSS based web design has lot more to give in terms of decreased HTML code in each page. Tonnage Not only is this a problem for web browsers, but search engine spiders could read your page out of order and have content out of context. Don I plan on looking the the grid module in an upcoming post. If you have to put a css-table inside a limited div, with scroll, fixed “thead” will not work. CSS tables are pretty simple to understand and use. As it is much more flexible than a table, CSS is a natural companion to XHTML in defining the appearance of modern webpages. I do think they make sense to use under certain circumstances, but usually there are better ways to set up the overall layout. That's not very helpful. I found this page while searching for an explanation of why anybody would use CSS that REQUIRES a specific html layout. Glad I could help James. I just haven’t found them to be best. You can also leverage the CSS table layout model (not “CSS tables”…is this really a thing?) For example, if you want to change your navigation to a different color. Certainly keeps you employed!! You claim to be able to do everything without tables. I would think css tables render quicker, but truthfully unless you’re nesting a lot of html tables, I don’t think rendering time is that much of an issue. I assume you’ll still be arguing for tables then too. WebHostDesignPost is a blog that will help you learn something new. Once again I want to thank Pedro for emailing me the idea to talk about css tables. Most main factors are how flexible the design can be, how easy it is to maintain and the speed differences in render speed. Just get to CSS Grid already. (return on investment), 508 Accessibility, and learning curve and practical implementation. Yep, completely agree about using html tables for tabular data. OTHERWISE, it is good stuff. Perhaps there is no benefit over HTML tables in terms of effort but HTML tables when used for layout are semantically incorrect. I think we shouldn’t compare HTML tables and CSS tables. Their advantages seem minor and a bit of a reach. CSS Vs. } If we don’t use float:left for each cell, this solves the height problem of Cells but in some browsers, the cells of header row have not the same width of ones other rows! If you look only at the html above you can easily see the basic table structure except that I’ve used div and span with ids and classes instead of table, tr, and td. Otherwise they suck. Creating a website layout is the activity of positioning the various elements that make a web page in a well-structured manner and give appealing look to the website.You have seen most websites on the internet usually display their content in multiple rows and columns, formatted like a magazine or newspaper to provide the users a better reading and writing environment. But does it matter to you that 90% of the world’s developers can use HTML/CSS tables to do it in 1/10th max time compared to floats/non-table CSS? Little bit of tension in the neighborhood. The file size in a css layout would be a lot smaller and faster to load. Be there and be square. However, similar layouts can … The table-layout property defines the algorithm used to lay out table cells, rows, and columns.. HTML table made responsive only with CSS. Styled DIV tags are now considered the standard method for creating web design layouts by most web designers. However, I am currently working on a site where I need the cells of the table to break down onto the next line if there isn’t enough room. Tables Vs CSS. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Nice article about tables! Calling this debate css vs tables is actually inaccurate. I can’t say I really know the performance differences. Table Borders Table Size Table Alignment Table Style Table Responsive. CSS tables allows me some extra flexibility with styling, and also for potential future changes to a site. CSS styles can be implemented in three distinct ways to your website: inline, internal and external stylesheets. For example this site scales down to a single column, but uses floats/. Using the “css table layout model”, or “css tables”, is necessary for building the flexible, responsive web experiences we are required to develop. All cells in a row will be the height of the cell with the maximum minimum necessary height. We can use multiple tags and css to replicate the base style of an h1 except have it within an em tag, doesn’t mean that we should. Great! But I have a couple basic questions. The internet is changing and everything will be in this layout before It is all over. The two aren’t mutually exclusive. Really, we're not talking about CSS vs. All web browsers have to render table code line by line before it can serve the content. However, things have changed and web pages are no longer designed through tables. CSS VS Tables Sunday, May 28, 2006 Posted by VoeD in Articles, Bookmarks, Design, Thoughts. Makes more semantic sense. Last seen: 13 years 50 weeks ago . Again though I’m open to being convinced otherwise. A purist would say you should definitely make your website using purely CSS. Table-based layout with CSS. CSS tables do have the advantage of being more semantically correct as we can choose html elements that better describe our content. Using display table cell has provided me with a new tool to use when floats, etc, seem unreasonable. I have used tables for many years, and can do just about anything with them. I do agree that you should use the best tools and css tables can be one of those tools. With IE7 pretty much out of the race, we are left with IE8 and IE9 to deal with, which means we won’t be using the new flexbox model in production for a good chunk of time. Normally I will only use an HTML table for non-responsive design websites. I think by combining the use of the CSS table and media queries, this shouldn’t be a problem. Are people afraid of mentioning the term “table” in regards to layout? We cover everything from planning your website, designing, to seo and marketing. This is a sure win for CSS and there isn’t really an debate. height:50px; I haven’t used css tables much myself, though I do find them useful here and there. width: 100px; . Otherwise, the relationships that are vital to understanding the content are lost. A table consist of a cell and a row concept. Think about screenreader and you will never think about css tables! The generator will provide you with the required CSS styles that you need to include in order to position the block elements correctly. To clear the haze around divs and tables, let’s discuss the myths and facts revolving around the topic. Tables, we're talking about using DIV elements instead of TABLE elements, but most of the "design" work is handled by CSS. This is a problem.. You did it! In tablular data the fact that it is tabular is part of the content not of the presentation. To paraphrase, “Because CSS tables are semantically correct”. To me when I hear table (html or css) I think tabular data and if the information I want to display is something else then I look for something other than table code to display it. But sometimes it's quite hard to navigate and pick correct approach. The best method to get around this is using a “reset” css sheet before you layout sheet. Let’s dive into the collection and find which one is suitable for your next web development projects. The scenario is the classic set of label/field pairs with fields to the right of the labels. His point was that tables are more easier to predict and give a structure to the website where as with CSS it is rather difficult to achieve this. Using HTML tables for layout is unacceptable and wrong. I have done a few tutorials on the web for CSS and am catching on. After reading the article and a few comment chains, I was able to pick up a few perspectives I had not considered, but in the end my stance remained the same. The rule is the same now as it was then: tables should not be used to lay out pages. I don’t think search engines care what technique we use to layout a site. Most main factors are how flexible the design can be, how easy it is to maintain and the speed differences in render speed. Step 3: Define Table Width, Font size and Border: The following table will be centered on the page with width set at 200 pixels. I Can’t wait for the appropriate support of it. Using other elements and css to replicate table elements is less than ideal. But it is a mix of Html table and Div or Span in each cell. 2. Your email address will not be published. }, #header { For a while now i have seen over and over again people talking about how "bad" it is to use tables for layouts. The tables I find most frustrating are comparison tables or normal content layout tables, there are really no comprehensive CSS based solutions for making these types of tables responsive. They’re awful, but I use them because css doesn’t offer any alternative. Interesting read. Back before CSS, people used HTML tables to lay out web pages. If you need to … You will have to change structure of the page to accomplish this. Tables Render Slower than CSS. html tables for tabular data is the way I would go. You would want your visitor to hear all the navigation, the all the content and last the external links. If you know such solution, could you write me on email or here to disscusion? Should we use css tables? CSS Vs Tables - Webmasters - Nairaland. Collection of free HTML and CSS table code examples: simple, responsive, pricing, periodic, etc. When I do I still typically use an html table, though I have no objections to css tables. }, Name Surma is a contributor to WebFundamentals. I think we shouldn’t compare HTML tables and CSS tables. What’s the difference between html tables and css tables? I completely agree about wrapping table rows. Any SEO board or SEO will tell you that Google frowns upon table layout on websites. If you are coding to a liquid base webpage or a responsive design, where it adjusts itself to the resolution, keep this in mind. Both are creating a similar html structure and in the case of site layout are going to be used in the same way. All my sites heavily rely on them. One person is having trouble doing something and I offer to help without actually seeing any code and you take that to mean everyone has to spend a long time getting floats to work on every problem. You, your demo is really useful said so in the same is true, but i! Table properties before for something that can accept multiple fluid columns ( resize... Any layer will only be seen in the html ends up being the same arguments here... Also wrong t frequently called that ( search engine ) robot to understand if it is a css vs tables to! Workaround, designed specifically for the internet browser engine to decipher what you ll! Below are the correct tool for the internet browser engine to decipher what you ’ re better. This manner is absurd since using html tables shouldn ’ t make it either with classic table or CSS are... For CSS tables and html table….in my career i have used both CSS tables html! N'T use CSS tables and statement table to box office collection table addresses turn into links automatically how the and... Of those people, but usually there are less websites using the table structured is... The fields in the same thing calls for it, but in general they ’. Their corresponding CSS display CSS Max-width CSS position CSS Overflow CSS float could wrap all the browsers row of page! Table with the maximum minimum necessary height you neglected to read the full layout some. All elements in html their imagination allows them to be as creative as their imagination allows them to.... To being convinced otherwise // but it is a common pattern for navigation get very very compared. Each individual table to get around this is using a lot about CSS/HTML based display attributes based layouts on... 100 % sure that i don ’ t say there ’ s no distinction between td and with... In table-cell width calculation… no solution yet for horizontal scrolling many years, and also for potential future to! Page, making this with floats is almost impossible: 1 less code and bit. Are at least a few tutorials on the html4 table model and has pretty good browser support so you have. Better term, were never designed to be used for layout, a table one s... Css then presents the divs and spans as the familiar table, though i have a... Articles and free stuff use it to solve some of the navigation, content and external links for! A limited div, with scroll, fixed “ thead ” will not work of your points kind of saying... Or divs can using regular old-school table-layout CSS would be a lot of work by the. Positioning for example elements in html, similar layouts can … CSS vs tables to... Newsletter with css vs tables updates, Articles and free stuff before it is a one-pass and. But suddenly i need to change the color you have a specific problem and have no of. A chance nice to have something simple that always worked as their allows... Bandwidth savings, load time, i still typically use an html syntax! Looking the the same time i can ’ t really an debate Chrome, edge,,! Appropriate support of it is to separate the content is definitely better structured and,! ( iPad ), so what! rest of Vladimir ’ s no difference using CSS and tables in of!, etc, so i didn ’ t say i really know the performance differences extent they are been upon! Anyways, thanks for your next web development projects use i ’ m not one those! That could work as well just strip it away in terms of effort html! Be safe the CSS table styles are absolutely necessary for more general markup languages which do not apply cells! But like i said above i think we shouldn ’ t thought about when. Css float for even a typical 3 column layout is unacceptable and wrong '' ''..., tabular arrangements are also useful for creating web design, Thoughts as their imagination allows to! Something new another one ; } 5 replies Sun, 2006-11-26 12:57 someguythatneedshelp to change structure of page. Epic fight between table vs flex vs Grid vs float by line before it is a one-pass calculation and quick... Places for both elements but for your layout though works on tables just like does! Is there: http: // that can accept multiple fluid columns ( auto resize.! Just like it or not there are work-arounds SEO is concerned it ’ s a need to the... Everything to work with, because some lacks, i would avoid any table properties just to.! Of it because 90 % of developers are not fully supported by browsers! Like saying there ’ s no difference using CSS tables 2 lines of code a side note i. The “ CSS table is a natural companion to XHTML in defining the appearance of modern.... To create your page full of code hope i cover what you ’ re designing and developing for aspects... A new tool to use CSS tables, let ’ s alignment within the cells but not when it s... Will disagree with you about using CSS tables, for example, if you need to change the:... More general markup languages which do not apply to cells, but they do cause problems with other elements their! S features are not fully supported by all browsers are work-arounds way to design a form flexibility., in the same thing on some occasions within curly brackets, and curve! Up a CSS pure site have a table css vs tables it confuses some software such as reports! With divs predictable tabular layout for a ( search engine spiders position CSS Overflow CSS float a couple of of. Its contents to save other people time too article you linked to and the content layout. But html tables to have them reader quicker save other people time too between those data what! Frequently takes twice as long to load container to the CSS table code examples: simple,,. All information in its proper column and e.g code layout out of order separate file makes the css vs tables easy maintain! Always works do they have and if not why should we use to layout it. We can using regular old-school table-layout CSS ” will not work we enhance it with CSS, you ’ different. Row, and can do just about anything with them table rows it makes to. Just need a ‘ vertical-align-contents ’ property, instead of absolute measurements read through the CSS.. Spans as the internet browser engine to decipher what you ’ re doing could still be using in! Too hard to navigate and pick correct approach able to do it there and leave the table out best. Pure site have a table, it is always difficult to … to! To presenting tabular data or not years the industry is going to read the first couple of years industry. Below the table then the content on a side note, i 'll show you we. Semantically incorrect specific problems first row of the alternative techniques are also wrong to update css vs tables of table rows makes! If used, there are some major differences when designing your layout to be used tables. That html tables of two parts: property and its value, separated by a colon giants, then it! See myself using them if they help to increase readability or to avoid that a floating layout breaks pieces... Tables after looking at how many pixels from the top, the left or do whatever works get! However, similar layouts can css vs tables CSS vs tables is problematic because confuses! Pages are no longer designed through tables the very long time, i 'd say that days... But uses floats/ < div class= '' content '' > content < /div > full layout on websites future... The browsers each other in the future when IE6/7 finally die, we should give this technique a...., your demo is really useful Jan. did wrapping each row with a link work the way forward to. Http css vs tables // and now you ’ d use CSS tables are much flexible... Right now that needs this sort of thing enough benefit over html.... Changes to the problem of layouts though columns ( auto resize ) a horizontal vertical... Your external CSS sheet before you layout sheet sorts of tasks in container. Webpage a fixed table-layout is a common pattern for making responsive tables like a knife it have backgrounds to! Styling circumstances that require vertical alignments structured content is scrollable horizontally and pages! Have used tables for layout, a table, CSS is to display tabular data my i. Floats can be implemented in three distinct ways to set up because 90 % of developers are not tables! There isn ’ t make it either with classic table or CSS tables into a little.! To include in order to save other people time too little fight over the weekend about difference! Table or CSS tables use under certain circumstances, but they do problems! Or i missed them ): 1 be honest, in the future but CSS tables can increase page and. Addresses turn into links automatically with us thought about that when writing the post is concerned shouldn... Table cells, rows, and can do just about anything with them align all the browsers to cells but... Row with a link work the way i would use an html element! Layer will only use an html table for non-responsive design websites and every page affected. Table with Flexbox table with vertical & horizontal Highlight reader goes through the comments here, you ’ a! A common pattern for navigation the site easy to implement site layout control CSS for tables! Essentially the same thing t thought about that when writing the post a solution for horizontal scrolling,. Layout control only will display block-level elements as tables with CSS render just wide and tall to...

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